How to Lessen Vacancy Periods for Rental Residential Property Investments

When you have residential property investments, chances are you’re renting them out. The real estate business has come to a boom these days and if you grabbed the opportunity then lucky for you! The thing is, just like any other entrepreneurial endeavor, this requires hard work, persistence and the right strategies devised to achieve goals if not do better. One of the challenges faced by investors is vacancy periods or those spans of time where rental units are vacated and no tenants seem to be interested on the property. That can indeed be a huge problem given that lack of tenants translates to zero profits. How then can you fix this? Here are some effective ways for you to consider and try.


residential-investment-real-estateNo one likes to rent out a dilapidated looking asset. Garbage tossed on the lawn, leaves scattered by the backyard, peeling off wall paper and paint, broken fixtures and the like not only makes the property look dirty. It also kills appeal. You have to ask yourself; if I were looking for a place to reside in or to hold business, will I choose this? If your answer is no then you better clean up any mess. A fresh looking asset will not only attract tenants but it can also help them stay.


Likewise, it wouldn’t hurt to make simple improvements on the property. You can add a fresh coat of paint on areas with dingy looking walls. Repair and maintenance are necessary for the upkeep of any property. Also you have to remember to level up your game. There are competitors out there who persistently improve. If you’re left where you’re standing, you could hurt your investment.


Marketing and advertising your property is also crucial. No matter how clean, well kept and improved your asset is, that would be of no use if people don’t know about it! Use various marketing strategies from traditional to digital. You need to get the word out there and when your market catches up, they’ll flock.


Another trick is to make use of your other tenants and their ability to deploy word of mouth. You can offer them some discount in exchange for successfully referring another good tenant who signs with you. This may come off as a cost at first but a few bucks would be better than months of vacancy for your residential property investments.

How to Get Yourself a Good Real Estate Agency

A good real estate agency is beneficial both to people who want to acquire and invest in properties as well as those who want to sell or profit from their assets. They are able to provide a lot of benefits to those who seek their expertise and services, such as but are not limited to:

  • real estate agencySound advice and the techniques to choosing best assets given certain factors like location and useful life ,
  • Tips and tricks to making better decisions when it comes to the purchase and sale of fixed assets of different types,
  • Getting good if not better value for your money and making the best out of your assets, and
  • Avoidance of scams and other pitfalls and common mistakes to property investing both in the buy and sale aspect.

With all that said, how does one get the best real estate agency in town? How do you determine who does their work best and whether or not they fit your needs? Read the list below and get yourself a handful of tips.

RESEARCH – This is of course part of our list. It’s impossible not to. You need to ascertain whether the services you will be getting is of tiptop quality and research can help you achieve this. The internet is at your disposal so why not use it and take advantage of it?

INQUIRE – Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals and recommendations. If there isn’t anyone you personally know who can provide you with these then you can head on over to relevant blogs, forums and websites where people get to share their experiences, reviews and feedback about a particular agency.

OBSERVE – You can also choose to observe where many people choose to seek advice and services from. Remember that bees flock where nectar is. If quality is not present then people will not be raving about it or seeking its services.

REVIEW – Even with good recommendations, it is still best to make your own unbiased research. Read up facts about the company such as its history or the people behind it, their processes and their principles regarding what they do.

CONTACT – Last but not the least, be sure to call up and contact the real estate agency that you have picked or even do this for all those that you have shortlisted. This way, you get a personal feel as to their quality starting from customer service.

UK Investment Property Tips for the Experts

If you want to ensure your future and your family’s as well then one has to be innovative and resourceful. Nowadays, many people discover that working one single job at minimum pay simply does not cut it. Others find the need to freelance or do part time while some delve into business and investments. There is no harm in such things even if risks can be present. After all, you can never gain anything without some amount of risk. Speaking of business and investments, one of the most promising ones today pertains to real estate. If you are eyeing or considering this then you might want to take a look at the following tips on UK Investment Property from the experts.

  1. property investmentInvestment is business so make sure that you think and act like a full blown entrepreneur. This means that you have to make appropriate plans and budget s to begin with. You should have objectives too. Everything has to be challenging but at the same time realistic to encourage growth and to deter slacking around.
  2. If you are investing in some real estate property then by all means learn everything you can about the subject. Grab some books. Read articles online. Consult experts and advisors. Knowledge is power and by having it you can make better decisions.
  3. Get to know the market and what goes on in it, locally and internationally. This is because this business is largely affected by what goes on around it. Things like supply and demand have to be considered.
  4. Find properties in good locations. Location is a major player here and it largely affects the price and the value of an asset. Also be sure that when investing, you do not limit your search to what is near you. Sometimes there are worthwhile assets in other areas. Spend time looking and researching. You can even ask the aid of a reputable realtor for help.
  5. Have the property examined and appraised. You need to know that you are paying something for what it’s worth and should you sell it, you want to make sure that you are doing so at a profit and not at a loss. Also, this ensures that the asset is in good condition and is indeed in a state that the sellers have mentioned.

Remember these UK property investment tips as you go along and good luck on your future endeavours!